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View Full Version : Need Help with Rear Sights for my new Colt Commander

07-19-2011, 12:44
Last week I picked up a new Colt Commander with standard sights and a staked on front sight.

What I want to do is to find a rear white dot sight (non-tritium) that is a low profile or "carry type" rear sight, but use my existing front sight. According to the Midway catalog the Colt factory replacement front sight is .180 tall, which hits about in the middle of the pack when it comes to aftermarket front sight heights.

So two questions?

1. Will the Novak Low-Mount or Carry Style white dot or the Champion White Dot be the proper height relative to my existing front sight?

2. On a new Colt Series 80 Commander, do I have a Novak cut for my rear sight?


07-19-2011, 14:40


Your best bet is to call Novak and ask. Apparently they have some sights that will fit the dovetail rear (USGI) that only need minor fitting. If you have a USGI dovetail and want a Novak cut, they're going to have to cut your slide and refinish it.

See here: