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07-19-2011, 16:13
i'm finally creating a steam account, but it's being retarded. i've created a username and password and filled everything out. nothing's working. says it'll email me stuff. aint happened.
just wondering if this is a slow program generally. like, if i just downloaded and registered will it be tomorrow before i can get it runnin?

small potatos i know, but i just want the damn thing runnin.

Woo Woo
07-19-2011, 16:20
It should work right away... but i installed it a long time ago. I havent been on in a really long time so things might have changed.

JJJJr Shabadoo
07-19-2011, 16:52
If you're waiting for an account registration confirmation e-mail, make sure and check your spam folder.

One other possibility is something was wrong w/ the Steam servers when you tried. They're usually pretty dependable, but I know they've been making some changes with how they deliver content so something may have been temporarily down

07-19-2011, 19:09
Installed Steam a very long time ago. Never had a problem. COuld be in your spam folder or just a problem w/ the servers.

They're probably getting everything ready for when they launch Half Life 3. **passionately evil laugh**