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07-20-2011, 17:32
Less than 2 minutes into the SAFE MODE Scan - 151 infections!

Haven't seen that many in a while!

Can't wait to see where it ends... :wow:

Who's got the biggest count on MBAM?

Okay - Just ended after 3 minutes - 381 Objects Infected. Now - Will it clean up nicely??? :rofl: Fingers Crossed...

07-20-2011, 18:09
The results can be misleading. If it find an adware program it counts every file and registry key.

07-20-2011, 18:15
And that's exactly what it did...

One Trojan, and some overt Spyware was deleted or cleaned... It's a teenage boy's PC... I will advice them that credit cards and personal info should not be used on it, but it's a real grey zone of stuff:
Relevant Knowledge
FunWeb Products
Mighty Magoo
Hotbar (everyone's favorite)

If the kid isn't educated about it, it will be *right back on there* by Saturday afternoon.

Client will get a few fliers for the family to download Internet Security Tips... :cool:

We do our best... :supergrin:

filthy infidel
07-20-2011, 18:42
I've seen over 700 with MWB and 1500+ with SuperantiSpyware. Usually on kids computers.
One client went out of town for the weekend, her little boyscout shut off the Kaspersky content filter and by the time I got called the PC was stuck on and the mouse and keyboard had been disabled.