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Andy W
07-20-2011, 18:14

First, thanks for providing such a great service. Have you heard of any shootings with the aforementioned round? What do you think of it's performance?

From reading your previous posts and articles, I know you your prefer a hot mid weight loading for a 9mm but for someone like me who is not that experienced at shooting (particularly fast and accurate follow-up shots), the Critical Defense sounds like a good idea. Being that Hornady uses a 115 grain bullet for this load and it isn't particularly hot, it seems that it would have about the same recoil and POI as commonly available target loads, which is a plus. It's also pretty widely available in my area. For these reasons, if it performs well, I think it would be a good choice until I become more experienced.

I'd appreciate any input. Thanks.

PS: I'm using a full size S&W M&P9.

Mas Ayoob
07-20-2011, 18:47
Andy, those folks make fine quality ammo, but I haven't run across any actual shootings with it and thus, in this day and age, am a bit reluctant to recommend it.

The M&P9 is a very controllable pistol with any 9mm you stuff in it, including +P and +P+. Last year, my 5 foot tall girlfriend forgot to swap out her carry loads at a high-speed tactical course before the firing started, and never noticed the difference between the first 20 +P+ Winchester 127 grain Rangers that went downrange, and the standard pressure training loads that followed.


Andy W
07-22-2011, 13:14
Yeah, I guess the last thing I will notice is recoil if I ever have to use my gun in self defense.

What about POI (Point of Impact)? Is there a perceptible difference in POI with different bullet weights at typical self defense range? I have heard of slower/heaver bullets impacting the target somewhat higher than lighter/faster ones but I'm not sure how noticeable that would be inside 7 yards or so.

Mas Ayoob
07-22-2011, 20:00
There can be, though not so much with the 9mm you were asking about as with some other calibers. As always, best bet is to try it yourself with your own gun and ammo, which might be different from mine or someone else's.