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07-20-2011, 19:41

I saw the previous post regarding revolver malfunction drills. I carry revolvers for self-defense and have looked for such drills for revolvers. I think I found a good one here in this article by Grant Cunningham:

I thought I'd share it and ask your opinion on the drill.


Mas Ayoob
07-20-2011, 20:05
Super Sleuth, thanks for sharing...I've known Grant for many years, and I agree with you that his advice is something you can take to the bank.

However, I think you'll find he and I agree that the fastest "fix" for a jammed revolver (or a broken one, the topic in the GATE discussion you cited) is to dump the bad one and grab a good one.

Look for Grant's forthcoming book on the topic. I've read the pre-publication manuscript, and it's good, solid stuff.

Thanks again,