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07-21-2011, 12:32

Wanted to get your take on a problem... I have a Glock 20 SF, and purchased a 24lb recoil spring, LWD threaded barrel, and stainless steel guide rod. I then went to shoot recently and every round was "stovepiped". I tried to reseat the barrel, and checked the placement of the guide rod and recoil spring and all appeared ok. I was goin to beshooting BB 220 hardcast, and then tried to put in lighter loads (Win Silvertips and FMJ Blazers) and everything I put in was still stovepiping? I wasnt able to get any rounds to not stovepipe. I had to remove all the rounds manually with my fingers. Any thoughts? Switched back out to stock barrel and recoil spring/guide rod and no problems. Love LW..figured maybe I am missing something?


07-24-2011, 14:11
Remove the barrel. Drop a loaded round into the chamber and verify the case head sits slightly below (1/16") the barrel hood. Re-install the barrel. Chamber a round and verify the extractor is over the case rim. Make sure it is completely engaged. If you still have an extraction issue contact Anna at LWD customer service Anna Johnson Johnson <> and make arrangements to return the barrel for inspection