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View Full Version : Possible to convert a .40 to a 9mm

07-21-2011, 21:19
I have a used glock 22 and was wondering with a 17 barrel if I could shoot 9mm ammo with a 17 magazine?

Only reason why I would do this is for cost effectiveness of ammo.

Since I am on the topic of ammo where could I get the cheapest rounds to put through at the range. I hear steel rounds are very bad for your extractor and alluminum sounds like taking a chance though I hear the factory shoots CCI blazer.

I'm confused.

Thank you in advance

07-24-2011, 14:00
The factory 9 barrel and breach face is .022 smaller than the factory 40 barrel and breach face. If you want to convert your 40 into a 9 use a conversion barrel. See the 22-9 conversion barrels here http://bit.ly/myvjDH
Shoot any ammo you like. The stuff that runs reliably is what you should stick with