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View Full Version : Looking for a chest holster/bandolier for 4" x-frame 500

07-22-2011, 07:56
I am looking for a chest holster/bandolier for 4" x-frame 500 magnum.

Just ordered the gun from buds for woods carry. As a backup for bow and rifle hunting.

I want to carry it center chest like the below pics or simular and can't seem to find anyone that makes a holster for the 4" x-frame 500. I see 8" all over.
I don't want anything to my side as it will get caught on trees, vines and it would get in the way of anything else I'm carrying.

Can be leather, plastic, or nylon, I don't care. Leather would be nice and would like some padding.

Samples of what I would like but for X-frame revolver.

These are random images I found that closely match what I think I need or allow me to to be comfortable while carrying it.

Who makes one for a 4"?

Jason D
07-22-2011, 17:11
I would have said the Galco Kodiak, but I went and looked at it.
It appears they only make them for the 8" plus sized guns.
You could maybe call and ask them if they would do one with a 4" barrel though.

07-22-2011, 20:58
Thanks anyway.

This is what I found.

Alaska Sportsman Chest Holster

Diamond D custom leather Guides Choice Leather Chest Holster

Simply Rugged Holsters Chesty Puller Conversion System

I really like the diamond D but it is the most expensive from what I found.

07-23-2011, 13:24
If your going to hunt with it just hire ya one of the local kids to be your bearer in the Safari movies.