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07-23-2011, 22:09

Everyone has their own opinion on this question so, I need one answer from an expert. I'm interested in your take about rotating magazines so, not to wear out or weaken the mag spring. Is there rule of thumb? I have heard so many answers it's like you ask 10 people you get 10 different answers.
Thank You

Mas Ayoob
07-24-2011, 05:08
Mike, as you know, it's a contentious topic. It breaks down to folks who were told in metallurgy class that in theory springs shouldn't take a set from compression; people who haven't experienced mags taking a set; and people who have. I take from that, that some people HAVE had problems. That's reason enough for me to take a conservative route and swap out mags. So, of course, is the fact that I've seen long-loaded mags take a set, and talked to armorers who've seen it, too.

So, taking a "belt and suspenders" approach of "erring on the side of caution," I try to empty out mags and let them rest at six month intervals.