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07-24-2011, 09:44
I subscribe to the belief that the pre-gen 4 .40/.357 glocks were undersprung (recoil spring) from the factory. I have installed 20# wolff guiderods and springs in my G22/G35 as a result with exceptional results. My understanding is that the pre-gen 4 recoil spring weight is 17#. What is the weight/rate of the gen 4 .40 recoil spring?

07-24-2011, 13:48
You are correct, the Gen3 full size G22/G31 recoil springs are 17 lbs. Most our customers prefer to use the 20/22 lb recoil springs.
Glock Inc has reintroduced the Gen4 recoil springs. They differ according to model & caliber, unfortunately I do not know the advertised weights at this time. You could come up with a single (combined) weight however the spring weight of the first stage is far different than that of stage two.