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07-24-2011, 09:52
Okay, I'm looking for a good set of sights for my G21 and wanted to try something besides the traditional 3-dot Trij's that I usually install. In shopping around, I'm discovering that different manufacturers have a different idea of heights. I'll use the difference between the factory G17 and G21 sights:


G17---0.256---0.165 diff: 0.091
G21---0.270---0.165 diff: 0.105

Now 10-8Performance has these dimensions for it's Glock sights according to the Brownells listing info:

-------0.252---0.215 diff: 0.037

Doesn't seem to be nearly enough height difference when compared to the OEM Glock sights. What gives? Is Brownells showing incorrect numbers?