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07-29-2011, 19:59
Okay, apparently I'm going to have to check in with this sub-forum more often ...

I just bought my 6th S&W J-frame, so if I count my Ruger SP101DAO, I own seven 5-shot snubs. (Maybe eight if I were to count my 2 1/2" M66, even though it's a 6-shot. :whistling: )

I only own 5 (each) 9mm's and .40's, and it's rapidly approaching the number of .45's I own (9). :shocked:

I've been doing fair amount of shooting with them, too (since I usually prefer to carry one of my J's as a retirement weapon more often than not).

I've had to delouse and/or repair something like half a dozen J's over the last few months (as an armorer), too.

Guess I ought peek in and see what's happening here more often, maybe?

07-29-2011, 22:05
Please do visit more often, as this subforum is severely lacking in traffic!

I shot my Ruger SP DAO today, with some Buffalo Bore .38+P LSWCHP, as well as some Speer Gold Dot, 158 gr .357 magnum (short barrel), and a bunch of plinking .38+P range ammo.

My hand is sore now, as it has been too long since I gave the Ruger a workout, and with Badger boot grips on..lots of energy is transferred to my shooting hand!

I always appreciate your advice and posts, so yes, lets get more action on this subforum!