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08-01-2011, 08:18
Looking at one of these being offered to me. Seems very well made (in Switzerland, off TZ parts, to my understanding).

Any idea which magazines will interchange - CZ ? EAA ? ???

Kara's HoPE
08-15-2011, 18:39
Closest thing going to an original CZ. It is NOT a Tanfoglio. The AT-84 is a Swiss gun made by ITM Solothurn (yes, the same guys that made the 20mm anti tank guns before WWII)

I've got two, one in matte blue and one in what I presume to be hard chrome as I don't believe they were ever offered in stainless steel.

The evolution of this gun is the Sphinx series of competition guns.

The AT-84 is actually superior in some ways to my Pre-B CZ...

My $.02... FWIW