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08-06-2011, 09:27

With the recent increase in mob beatings it's a good time to get your thoughts on this topic. These situations tend to come out of the blue with unsuspecting victims finding themselves in the middle of a total crap storm in very short order.

Obviously evade and escape are the first options. Let's take that off the table and assume that it's not possible or likely without suffering grave harm. If there are say 10 individuals who you are convinced intend to do you grave harm (you fear for your life) and all of them are considered threats (proximity, capability etc.) how as a concealed carry holder would you act to stop the threat?

Mas Ayoob
08-06-2011, 20:29
If "evade and escape" are indeed off the table, you obviously have a situation where the force of numbers of the mob creates deadly force, warranting a deadly force response, IF within the totality of the circumstances it is reasonable and prudent to believe that you are indeed being so attacked.

However, it is unlikely that ten attackers will magically appear in a circle around you without you seeing them coming. If anyone expects to shoot multiple "unarmed" people and be ruled justifiable, the circumstances will have to be such that they could not have seen the situation coming and at least ATTEMPT to evade and escape IF SUCH WAS POSSIBLE.

Bear in mind that what one person might see as a lone hero fighting off a wolf pack may well be seen by some others as "crazed man commits mass-murders amid unarmed crowd of flash dancers."

Just delivering a reality check,

08-07-2011, 08:19
Thanks for the reply. What I take from your reply is there is no good answers for how to react in this scenario beyond doing your best to escape. This option becomes increasingly difficult if I am out with my wife, 4 year old, and 9 month old.

Concealed carry/self defense classes teach what to do and say when there is one attacker or what to do in a home invasion etc. They base their teachings off of what has worked in the past and mix in the legal considerations. I think where we are in the case of these mob type scenarios is this:

There is no evidence of what has worked in the past (this is a new trend) and the legal issues of defending yourself against people running by and stomping on your head after you have been surprised and shoved to the ground (the situation in the last racially motivated black on white mob beating) are as clear as mud. Is that a fair assessment?

Mas Ayoob
08-08-2011, 22:05
The use of deadly force against homicidal mobs is actually pretty well established. The trick is proving that it WAS a homicidal mob.

Do a Google search for the Ossian Sweet case in Michigan. It has stood for decades as a classic example.

If the shooting is complicated by being cross-racial, all sorts of "politically correct in that time and place" pressure to prosecute comes into play. Note that Dr. Sweet required no less an attorney than Clarence Darrow to deal with the legal aftermath.

Best tactic remains: be able to see it coming, and extricate yourself and your family before it brews up. If you can't, make sure you know deadly force law and can articulate why you did what you had to do.