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Peace Frog
08-06-2011, 11:28
A film called "Afghan Massacre-The Convoy Of Death

Some commie named Jamie Doran made this documentary to try and put the blame of a few thousand taliban terrorists on Americans and British soldiers and CIA agents when in fact the taliban killed their own people.Why you say?Because the few thousand they killed were foreign fighters...not Afghan taliban and the Afghan Nationals didn't trust these foreign taliban and were afraid they would betray them.So they killed them and hired Jamie Doran to make this propaganda video blaming the Northern Alliance and American/British soldiers...

08-06-2011, 16:24
Read through what I could find about the doran. On the whole, not impressed. Had already seen the film a few years ago. Not remarkable. Never again likely to ever see the day when journalist merit anything beyond a skeptical hearing. Remember Reagan saying of communist nuclear compliance, "Trust but verify." Applies here. Problem is, there is little way to verify any of what doran says. Have to depend to much on his sources. No way to know what was left on the cutting room floor. JMHO.