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08-06-2011, 12:47
I know as a writer you carry whatever equipment you are reviewing at the time(thanks for the real world evaluations by the way), but, on days when you're not reviewing, what do carry and why(meaning, firearm, holster, ammo, light, folder, etc.).
By the way, just finished rereading(for about the 100th time) "In the Gravest Extreme" and "The Semiauto Pistol in Police Service and Self Defense" and "StressFire". Still relevant, and, as always, everytime I read them I learn something new..... James Stephens

Mas Ayoob
08-06-2011, 20:46
James, thanks for the kind words, glad you liked the books.

I'm among the worst possible role models for what to carry, because (A) as you noted, it's often a gun I'm testing for concealed carry capability; (B) it's often a teaching gun, and I rotate those with each training tour because students come with different handguns and instructors have to be familiar with all of them, and (C) I still shoot competition, and the gun I'm carrying might be something I'm planning to use in a match. For instance, at this writing, I'm a couple weeks out from a Stock Service Revolver match, and my EDC is S&W .357 Combat Magnum.

When none of that is in play, FWIW, I've been shooting 1911 .45s since 1960 and am still very partial to them. At home on my rural property, where I might have a long shot and probably won't be shooting at anything that needs 10mm horsepower, I often carry a Glock 31. I like the flat trajectory, inherent accuracy, and terminal ballistics of its .357 SIG cartridge.

No one wardrobe is suitable for every climate or occasion, and no one gun seems to be, either.


Mas Ayoob
08-06-2011, 20:57
Oops, sorry James, just realized I only answered part of your question.

Daily knife: Spyderco C-60, the new sprint run Spyderco just reissued of the knife I designed for them a decade or more ago. Since I designed it for me, it's obviously perfect for...me.:cool: Your needs may vary.

Normally a backup, typically J-frame five-shot with Speer 135 grain +P Gold Dot, but occasionally something else.

Always a SureFire flashlight of some type on the front of the body, and an ordinary Mini-Maglite in hip pocket for backup.

One reload minimum for each gun.

Holsters vary depending on temperature, locale, and need.

That's about it. Let's hope neither of us ever fall into the Gun Internet meme of "If you carry more than me, you're paranoid, and if you carry less than me, you're a sheeple."


08-07-2011, 15:21
Thanks for the info. My carry is about the same, duty is 1911 w/G27 back up, 3 Wilsons on the belt mag wise but at this time nothing for the Glock. Same off-duty except only a Wilson 10rder with Surefire light, SOG folder, and usually the G27 but again with no spare for it. I think I need to rethink my reload for the back up! And, as Clint Smith says, " I carry a gun, why do I need to be paranoid ?".
Thanks again, James