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08-07-2011, 19:54
Howdy, I'm new to the Glock Forum, but have been on several other gun forums (mainly the Smith & Wesson Forum) for many years. I recently purchased a new Glock Model 36 in .45 acp and have sporatically had problems with it feeding Federal Hydroshock ammo. Is the model 36 ammo sensitive or might there just be a burr on the front of the mags? The ammo seems to hang up on the front of the magazines. Trunucated ball ammo feeds just fine. I was told that .45 acp hardball will over penetrate. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Jim S.
08-07-2011, 20:33
My 36 feeds anything I've tried so far, including the hydroshocks.
Even the old hydroshocks.
I have noticed that depending on how you hold the 36 you can actually pull the magazine and cause it to slightly nose dive and that can create a feed problem with some ammo.
Try curling your pinky under the magazine base plate instead of trying to fit it on the magazine.
If you have a +0 or +1 baseplate the problem can be even more likely to happen.
Put an unloaded magazine in the gun (empty) and move it front to back and you will see what I am talking about.
By the way...
I have approximately 14,000 rounds through my 36 of all variations and brands.
I have yet to have a malfunction.
Don't be afraid to try some new mags or look closely at the ones you have.
You will see any problem with the ammo if you hold the mag in your hand and slowly push a round out as if it is feeding.

Jim S.
08-07-2011, 20:35
Hey, welcome to the forum.
One thing I have found and forgot to mention is that the 36's love "Hot" ammo.
+P's are perfect for the 36.

08-08-2011, 03:03
Thanks Jim! I'll be on the lookout for some Golden Sabres, and I also heard that PowRBall ammo by CorBon is good to use as well.

08-12-2011, 13:12
The early G36's have a raised "bump" on the feed ramp in the barrel which drives hollow points into the top of the chamber causing them to expand and fail to chamber. They should work with FMJ ammo which was the only ammo they were originally designed for. Later G36's got a different barrel to use hollow points. Some G36's are very picky though and it seems the frames don't always hold the magazinies in the proper position. If it's just the barrel, it can be changed or FMJ ammo used. The frame problems are a bit more difficult. Some seem to hold the magazines too loosely, not up and down but front to back, allowing the magazines to tilt forward or back in the frame, causing feeding problems.

08-12-2011, 15:41
About the most reliable feeding 45 ACP JHP ammo is Remington JHP and Remington Golden Saber ammo.

08-13-2011, 13:02
abandon the hydroshock as ammo for the gun.

See if another ammo type will be more reliable. Magtech JHP seems to work well for me.

You can get into theoretical arguments about FMJ, but personally I would not like to get hit with one, and thus have no problems using for SD. It is a dangerous round.

08-13-2011, 15:07
If it has a raised hump in the barrel's feed ramp it may be very difficult to get any hollow points to feed properly as the early design was designed only for FMJ ammo. even if it doesn't have the feed ramp hump or it isn't obvious, you should try standard 230 grain FMJ ammo first to make sure the pistol functions correctly. Then if you want to try hollow points, the Remington JHP's and Remington Golden Sabers are the most reliably feeding 45 ACP JHP's.

08-13-2011, 16:41
No bumps on feedramp. This is a new gun, just purchased. The problem seems to have solved itself. There must have been a burr on the front of the mags. The cartridges were not making it out of the mags, hanging up on the front of the mags. Now they appear to feed fine. I still intend to purchase some ammo with a more rounded profile at the upcoming gun show.

08-13-2011, 16:54
It sounds like one of the newer ones. Buying new doesn't always mean it hasn't been sitting around a long time though. The Remington ammo is still the most reliably feeding 45 ACP hollow points.