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08-08-2011, 23:39
Mas it seems like the majority of questions reguarding firearms for self defense involves handguns and the loads to carry in them. What is your opinion on the shotgun for personal protection/home defense. What loads do you recomend for a rural setting where neighbors are not at risk. I am taking a 4 day tactical shotgun course and plan on participating in defensive "tactical" shotgun competitions. I know you are a advocate of IDPA to polish and maintain skills for concealed carry. What about the shotgun.:dunno:

Mas Ayoob
08-09-2011, 13:51
For indoor and close range, buckshot is my personal choice. "Saturation effect." Beyond 15-25 yards predictable engagement distance I'd rather have slugs. On ranch or farm, there seems to be a much greater likelihood of needing to take the gun out of the house and perhaps deploy it an unknown distance. I'd prefer a rifle for that, and with a shotgun, would want slugs.