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08-12-2011, 20:18
I purchased a S&W 340 PD. On the barrel it says "No less than 120 gr. bullet". I have been impressed with the Hornady Critical Defense Ammo which is 38+P with a 110gr. bullet. I called S&W customer service today and asked them if the 120 gr. bullet applied to 38+P or if it was only for .357. The customer service rep. said it was for all ammo. I asked him why and he said because of light primer strikes. I questioned this answer because I was unable to see how bullet weight has anything to do with primer strikes. He tried to come up with another reasonable answer but was unable to do so. I asked him if shooting a 110 gr. bullet would be dangerous. He said "No".
With his other answers I am concerned. If you know or if you have any people at S&W you can ask would you let me know why the warning for nothing less than the 120 gr. bullet is on the barrel and is it safe to shoot the 110 gr. Critical Defense Ammo.
Thank You

Mas Ayoob
08-16-2011, 21:14
Sorry for the delayed answer, when I got your question it was too late Friday to call S&W, and there was the weekend plus time for me to contact them and for them to get back.

Official answer from S&W manual:


Do not use Magnum loadings with bullet weights of less than 120

grains - This will reduce the possibility of premature erosion in

titanium alloy cylinders."

A reliable source there adds:

"Note that Scandium Alloy framed revolvers with stainless steel cylinders do not have that warning. So M&P 340s, M&P 360s, Night Guards, etc. would not have this issue.

"So it really is about potential cylinder erosion, not bullet pull. Pull could happen with any bullet weight on lightweight revolvers, and our manual gives a way to test for that. It is on page 12 of our current manual, which is available on the website."

Hope this helps, and thanks to S&W,


08-16-2011, 23:31
That sounds like I can shoot any weight bullet I wish in 38+P ammo, is that right?

Mas Ayoob
08-17-2011, 07:49
That's the way I read it.