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View Full Version : YHM Cobra M2?

08-13-2011, 20:56
Anybody got one? I have a line on a good price, but don't have any experience with this one.

09-02-2011, 09:52
Whats the price? You can get a top of the line 45 can for $699

Osprey 45 or TiRant45

09-10-2011, 13:47
I had one a couple years ago. There are much better .45 suppressors than the YHM.

09-13-2011, 08:13
I quit checking my thread a few weeks ago. I didn't think I was gonna get an answer.

The M2 was $425. It has a pretty good DB rating and is a takedown(which I like).

I've since purchased a Gemtech Multi-mount. I got a good deal on a Talon upper so I will deal with a sealed can. I just have to get an LID to swap it to my Glock.