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08-13-2011, 21:23
Barnes offers the 95gr. and the 115gr. TAC XP bullets in 9mm.
They also offer the 125gr. TAC XP bullet for the .357sig.

As they are both .355, would it be safe to load the 125gr. in a 9mm.,
as long as you kept a safe OAL and didn't overpower the round.

I like something a little heavier than 115gr. for SD. I usually
carry 124gr. +P Gold Dot's in my 9mm's.
Many thanks.

Steve Koski
08-13-2011, 22:12
Just guessing here, but the 125 grain bullet targeted for the .357 Sig may not expand at 9mm velocities. You may have to push it into .357 Sig velocity land to get the intended performance.

Some .357 Sig bullets can also have a different profile, with a longer straight surface where the case can grip the bullet.

You could probalby load the 125 grain bullet just fine for 9mm.

Are you going to carry this ammo? Or is it just for blasting/practice?


Steve Koski
08-13-2011, 22:14

08-13-2011, 22:58
Nutt, the Barnes all-copper bullets are longer than lead-cored bullets of the same weight. Here are, from the left, the Hornady XTP124, the lightly jacketed Montana Gold 124, and the Barnes TAC-XP 125.
Bullet lengths are 0.573", 0.580", and 0.718", left to right. That means that the case would have 0.145" less powder space with the 125 compared with the XTP.

I think the 115 would do very well in the 9.

FWIW, Barnes list loads for the 9 only with the 115g. XPB.

08-14-2011, 14:46
Thanks fellows for the replies. I guess that I will try some of the
115gr. TAC's and work up a good semi-hot load.
I carry factory +P loads for SD situations when going out, but I would
like to work up a good handload just to have some extra on hand in
case of an unforeseen emergency.
I do have some Corbon 115gr's that I carry, and I'm sure they would
get the job done, something inside me just feels better with 124gr. +P's,
but I would like to try some of the Barnes TAC bullets, so I'll give her a
go with the 115's.
Thanks for the info. and advice.

08-14-2011, 18:32
Oh are YOU ever lucky, Nutt--Cabela's has them on closeout sale for just $22/box instead of $30. ts%26Ntt%3Dtac-xp%26WTz_l%3DHeader%253BSearch-All%2BProducts%26x%3D12%26y%3D10&Ntt=tac-xp&WTz_l=Header%3BSearch-All+Products

Being Mr. Excessive, I bought 18 boxes of the 125s. :whistling: