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Tommy Gun
08-15-2011, 16:07
I recently picked up an almost new Ruger LCP from a friend. I cycled a box of blazer ammo through it and it functioned perfectly. :cool:

So then I went out and purchased a box of Gold Dot ammo for cc and found that it doesn't cycle it at all. :crying:

The edge of the hollow point seems to gets hung up on the feed ramp. Somehow the point of a fmj manages to feed itself up the ramp into the chamber. Where the GD hp gets hung up on a flat spot on the lower part of the ramp and won't chamber. Is this normal? I have not attempted to shoot the GDs only cycle them through the gun.

Any one else have this problem? Thanks for any and all replies.

08-15-2011, 16:36
It's not uncommon for a semi-auto gun to misfeed HP ammo when cycled manually. Especially if you "ride" the slide instead of releasing it abruptly. Try shooting it and see what happens.