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08-16-2011, 07:59

Just bought a Gen 4 Glock 19. (comes with 3 magazines as you may recall) What routine do you follow to function check a new pistol and mags before you "strap them on" for duty?

Thanks for your advice.

Mas Ayoob
08-16-2011, 21:25
Check for any recent upgrades you might need, before you spend the ammo. For example, on the Gen 4 you want to call Glock and check to make sure you have the latest, updated recoil spring assembly for a Gen 4 G19.

Then, ideally, a couple hundred rounds of inexpensive ball to break it in.

Then, a couple hundred rounds of the exact load you're going to carry. Some feel I'm too lenient on that, and want to see up to 1000 carry loads through the gun, with zero malfunctions, before they trust it.

Do it all with the same mags you'll be using "for real."