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08-16-2011, 12:50
Mr. Ayoob,

I was at a gun range the other day with my 12ga. The range officer suggested that I'd be criminally liable for using it for home defense when loaded with buckshot or slugs. He recommended I use non-lethal rounds instead so I could claim that my "intent wasn't to kill the intruder" (the range officer's words) & thus not be held responsible.

My thinking was under my state's (RI) castle doctrine, I'd be safe from criminal/civil liability since the intruder broke into my house & my family was in imminent danger of serious bodily injury or death. Therefore, it doesn't matter if my 12 ga. was loaded with slugs, buckshot, LTL or empty.

Should I stick with the buckshot or switch to the non-lethal?

Thanks for any help in clarification you can provide.



Mas Ayoob
08-16-2011, 21:21
I don't think trying to deliver a non-lethal blow with an inherently lethal weapon is even close to a good home defense idea.

Personally, I've always used and recommended buckshot for the home defense shotgun.