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08-16-2011, 19:38
I have an older series 70 Colt Government Model. I purchased it around 1972 or 1973 can't remember exactly. Not sure what you call the finish, but it's real shiny, someone told me it was nickle. Anyway that's not important. I took it to the range today, and shot some Winchester White Box FMJ 230gr and some Federal FMJ 230gr. I haven't shot it in about a year or so, and I knew it had a broken slide stop, so the only problem with that was it wouldn't lock the slide back after the last round, and I knew that. However I was getting several "jams" mostly double feeds. I had 4 magazines that work fine in my other older 1911. So my question is would this broken slide stop cause the pistol to do that or give me any other problems other than just not locking back after the last round? Or do I have another problem I need to look at? Thanks in advance for nay help.

08-16-2011, 19:56
Sounds a LOT more like weak magazine spring tension.
What makes you think the slide stop is broken?

08-16-2011, 20:33
I compared the slide stop to my other Colt slide stop, and you can see where the tip end is broken off.

08-16-2011, 20:39
Makes sense then.......I would highly suggest getting a replacement before you
shoot it again.

08-16-2011, 21:27
You can get a new one for under $25. When mine broke it ticked me off and I got a Wilson Combat Bullet Proof slide stop for around $65. I didn't want it to happen again. I had no problems other than it wouldn't lock back. I'd replace it and see what happens. It should be replaced anyway.

08-17-2011, 18:53
Yeah I think I will go ahead and replace it and go from there. It need's to be replaced anyway. Thanks

08-17-2011, 19:10
If it's a double-feed issue then it sounds to me like an extractor problem. The empty case didn't extract while the slide went back to feed another round.