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08-20-2011, 14:46
The tweeter isn't precise about what happened, but the photo doesn't leave much to the imagination. Things happen fast when you get careless.

08-21-2011, 06:41
From the angle and location of the wound, I wonder if he was trying to perform a press check by using the slide serrations near the muzzle?

I've heard of two guys around here who have shot themselves in their hands doing that....

08-21-2011, 06:47
My dumb *** did similar as a wee boy using a Crosman 357 CO2 pellet gun. Only, I wasn't cleaning it, I put my hand directly in front of the muzzle and pulled the trigger. See, I was testing the CO2 power against my hand since my shots were dropping early, and I thought I verified the cylinder insert that holds the pellets (just like a real wheelgun) was empty. It wasn't. Pellet ripped a little U channel out the side of my birdie finger. I nearly puked.