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08-21-2011, 01:23
I've completed a new batch of research on muzzleflash of personal-defense loads for the 357SIG. It confirmed last year's research and produced a pleasant surprise that's almost useful for 357SIG reloadists, that being Vihtavouri N105. Details are at

Here are a couple teases.
About the worst powder I tested, Longshot.

About the best, Accurate #7.

08-21-2011, 16:26
Do you happen to have an opinion on the lowest flash of the most popular factory premium JHP self-defense rounds?

I own a G-32 and I can't ever remember firing it during dusk, darkness, or low light conditions.

08-21-2011, 22:52
Unit, if you look at the pics in both muzzleflash albums...
Last year's
...and this year's will see that I've tested 3 357SIG commercial PD rounds, the Speer Law-Enforcement load #54234, a 125g. Gold Dot; the Winchester USA 125HP; and the Fiocchi Extrema 124g. XTP. The Speer round produced about as little MF as the best reloads, while the Winchester and the Fiocchi rounds produced HUGE balls of fire. ('Tis rather obvious that neither Winchester nor Fiocchi ever thought about reducing MF in these PD cartridges.) I suggest the Speer Gold Dot round, either the commercially available one in (expensive) 20-round boxes or the more-affordable LE version detailed at the ATK sight...but seems I can't find that now.