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08-21-2011, 08:20

Let me begin by saying that I greatly appreciate all the work you have done assisting people thru the years. I would not have looked at a G30 if not for some of your write-ups in magazines mentioning it as your personal carry – it has been a fantastic and reliable ccw – Thank you.

My question(s): I have been reading a lot of opinions on how many rounds someone should carry for concealed carry. Do you have an opinion on what the minimum round count should be for concealed carry?

The reason I ask is that I am of the thought that if a lawful citizen needs more than 10-15 rounds then something was missed and bad juju is around the corner. So other than the single mother taking on a gang of 20 miscreants in a dark alley, how many rounds do you recommend chl holders carry?

I have not been able to find any hard data on how many rounds are fired, on average, during a chl holder involved incident. With your experience and the data you have access to can you enlighten me? This actually came up during my last chl class and one of my students was adamant that if he didn’t have at least 60 rounds for his firearm ON HIM that he felt he was going to be the victim. I did not dissuade him from carrying what he felt was needed because of the liability but for my own piece of mind please share your thoughts.

Thanks again and Be Safe,

Mas Ayoob
08-21-2011, 22:39
Alas, Doc, there ain't no hard data. There is neither a central repository nor a gathering system which collects facts such as number of shots fired by armed citizens in lethal force encounters.

The majority, of course, fire none at all. The studies show that in the majority of instances where the armed citizen draws the weapon, the suspect either flees or surrenders.

On the other end of the spectrum are cases like the Lance Thomas watch repair store shootings, and the Beverly Hills Jewelers armed robbery in Richmond, VA, in which good guys had to empty multiple weapons into multiple bad guys to win their fights.

If you think about it, an armed citizen with a Glock 17, two spare mags, and a J-frame backup gun and one five-shot Speed Strip -- a typical load-out for a cop protecting that self-same armed citizen -- is already over 60 rounds. There are lots of folks who carry that.

As I've mentioned here before, there's an Internet meme that holds that anyone who carries more than the poster is a paranoid, and anyone who carries less is a "sheeple." I'm in the middle personally (well, maybe upper middle :supergrin:) on round count, but to each his own.

Hoping this was responsive,

08-26-2011, 07:19

Thank you for your response.

I take away from what you responded that it is really up to the individual and what makes them feel comfortable. Goes hand in hand here in Texas - no limit on the number of handguns you can carry on you concealed so it would stand to reason that one would HAVE to carry more ammo (joke).

With all the fear mongers out there sometimes I feel for new students having to hear an "expert" talking about how everyone needs three guns on them and at least a hundred rounds of ammo or you are going to be sorry (I am exagerating some here).

If you dont mind a follow up: what is the minimum round count you prefer to carry when around town?

Mas Ayoob
08-26-2011, 07:58
Minimum would be primary handgun, one reload, compact backup, also one reload.