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08-25-2011, 18:17
So week one was water, week two is food. Keep in mind that this is written for total non preppers.


After water your most important concern is food. You can’t live for 3 weeks without food. There are two types of food that a prepper stocks up on, first is the food that makes up your normal diet and second is long term storage food. Normal everyday food is easy to stock up on because you already know what you like to eat, you just need to buy more of it. We say stock what you eat and eat what you stock.

A hypothetical family might like a few types of cereal for breakfast. So what you do is wait for a sale at Publix where you have a “buy one get one free” sale and when any of your cereals are on sale buy as much as you can up to what you will use by their use by date. For lunch you enjoy tuna and chicken salad sandwiches as well as peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or a can of soup. These canned and jarred foods store very well and long beyond their use by dates but you can use the same plan to buy all that you will use of them before their use by date or longer. Each time the products that you eat are on sale we buy extra, a lot more than what you would normally use. Applying this technique to the foods that you normally eat, a family can quickly and inexpensively store a large amount of basic foods, stocking what you normally eat. It does not take long to count your items 50 boxes of this and 100 cans of that.

Preppers also store food for long term storage. Rice, beans, oats, wheat and pasta are some of the many foods that can be stored for decades until we have a need for them. The reason that we store these foods long term is because we are going to store much more than we could eat before it goes bad. You can buy these foods in 6 gallon super pails already preserved or do it yourself. No matter who does it, here is what happens. You put a food grade mylar bag in each of your super pails and fill the mylar bags with the food. Once all of the pails are filled as high as possible with food leaving room to push the top of the bag inside the pail, an oxygen absorber of the correct size is placed into each bag and the bags are folded tight to remove most of the air inside of them and heat sealed across the top. The pail is a convenient storage container that will keep out insects and small animals should they be around, the oxygen absorber removes the oxygen from the inside of the mylar bag and the mylar bag creates a nearly complete barrier between the stored food and the air that will make it go bad. Many good youtube videos have been done on this subject.

If you add spices and olive oil you can make some nice meals. Most of these foods need to be cooked. I recommend a solar oven because it never runs out of fuel. For grain kernels (flour does not store long term) a grain grinder can be bought for a reasonable price to make flour. Youtube and Google will show you how to use them.

Fire away, I could use the help.

08-26-2011, 02:41
Excellent. Very informitive and useful. Your steering non preppers in the right direction.

08-26-2011, 10:54
Nothing ta add.'08.