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08-27-2011, 22:40
Hey gang,

The rear sight on my new G20SF is not centered... and I think I am shooting to the right because of this. I would like to tap it over to the left so it is centered perfectly... and then check my accuracy grouping on target.


Do you think the sight was set for the barrel at the factory and I am just shooting right because of bad form? Coincidence ?

What do I need to know to push the sight to center??
Can I just tap it with a dowel or punch... and a hammer?
And will it stay in place?
Or do I need to completely remove and loctite the dovetail and then reset to where I want it?

Thanks for the help...

08-29-2011, 18:03
The stock Glock rear sight is easy to move with a punch/dowel and a hammer. It's not loctited and moves pretty easily. You might want to replace the plastic sights with a good set of steel ones anyway.