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08-28-2011, 14:02
Can anyone please confirm for me what the part number is for the forged extractor on a regular, right handed 12 gauge 870. Also, is the one extractor spring that is available in the Remington online store the only one I need?

I am also then wondering when people normally replace extractors on an 870. Are they like a Glock's extractor, where you pretty much only replace it if it becomes chipped or starts to show signs of obvious damage; and begins to not successfully extract fired shells?

Are there any function tests to know if the extractor plunger spring is sufficiently strong?

I am going to start putting together a little emergency spare parts kit for my 870, and I think that these two parts are going to be the first ones purchased.


08-28-2011, 14:52
The extrator is part #16176, the spring is 17433, the plunger is #17432 on the Remington parts list. Go to the parts list not the Remington Country store. Read my post right under this on on how to down load the parts list.

Extractors will generall last the life time of the weapon. It could become chipped so having one is not a bad idea. The spring also last the life time but again, having one is not a bad idea. I can't see any reason to replace the plunger unless of course it is lost during cleaning. It can get a rust spot on it but steel wool removes that and a very, very, very, very small drop of oil on the plunger protects it.

08-28-2011, 19:17
Cool, thanks for the reply J.D.! My 870 you worked on is standing guard in the corner right now. :cool: