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08-28-2011, 17:55

I recently purchased a sig p229 in 40--- it the older moldel made out of Germany.

Would you suggest first learning just the DA? Then DA/SA?

The reset after DA seems a tad longer than the Glock action.

Any other advice on this model. Thank you - Jim

Mas Ayoob
08-28-2011, 23:22
DA/SA systems require, by definition, that you use the two trigger pulls together. If the shooting starts, most of the rounds will probably be fired SA, but the first and most important one will be fired DA.

Once you're comfortable with the gun, if you're having any problem with the double action shots hitting, dedicate a substantial range session to a drill of fire, decock, fire, decock, etc. This will help habituate your trigger finger to the longer, heavier first shot pull that starts with the trigger more forward. Soon your hand and trigger will figure out that they are manipulating two guns: a double action SIG, and a single action SIG...and will be able to pull each type of trigger set effectively upon demand.

Be sure to habituate yourself to decock any time you change position or otherwise have a "lull in the action."

I've personally found that the transition from double action first shot to single action followups is facilitated by getting the finger deep enough onto the trigger that it's contacting it on the first joint (distal joint), not the pad or the tip. This gives the hand more leverage.

Don't worry about the longer re-set. Split the difference between trigger slap (finger comes off the trigger every shot, whacks it on the next) and riding the link or sear (finger tries to let the trigger come forward just enough to re-set, not famous for working well under extreme stress), and go with the middle ground of "trigger weld": maintain finger to trigger contact while sustaining continuous fire, but let the trigger come forward until it stops moving before beginning the next pull.

This is true of any DA/SA pistol, not just the SIG.

You've chosen a fine gun. Use it in good health. The very fact that you asked about this tells me you're committed to using it well, and that is A Good Thing. :-)


08-29-2011, 09:31

Thanks for your very helpful and encouraging response on this p229 question.

Does your finger position change much when using the p229/p226/p220 trigger system in DA to SA. At the range I did notice an adjustment--normal?

Are you saying that one should be conscious of the finger contacting the back of the trigger guard after the shot, but not pausing there to more carefully guide the reset in SA? Sort of just let it out but stay on it to avoid releasing it altogether or short stroking it. I noticed the longer reset than the glock because i did not let it out far enough on some SA squeezes.

BTW, I am a huge Glock fan and love the trigger there-- just easy for me. BUT...after fondling the SIG, there could be a new sheriff in town--what a beautiful piece of work :-)

best regards & many thanks- Jim

Mas Ayoob
08-29-2011, 21:45
I'm not trying to touch the back of the guard with the finger. As soon as the shot breaks, I let the trigger come forward 'til it stops moving, as if it was a double action revolver. That guarantees that you won't get a failure to reset when switching from a pistol with a shorter reset to one with longer reset.

If trigger reach allows, I try to contact the trigger with the distal joint of the index finger, and keep it there whether double or single.

Hope that helps,