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08-28-2011, 20:21
Hello Mas,

What do you think of my new Winchester 1300 defender speed pump ? 18" barrel 7 +1 12ga. It has a Truglo long pipe front sight and is beautiful black. I can choose the normal stock or pistol type grip that comes with but this I've already made up my mind on--I hate pistol grips on shotguns.

I was leaning toward the Rem 870 but there weren't any and really had no choice. It is to be carried out in my coffee farm and provide protection in a 25 yard radius around me.

I want to hear your honest opinion if I could have done better, even if I already went through the deal.

Mas Ayoob
08-28-2011, 23:08
1. You were right to choose conventional stock over pistol grip only.
2. Not sure what a "speed pump" is, but over the years the 1300 series Winchester pumps have not performed to the standard I expect when students brought them to my classes. If you have one that works, good for you; shoot the hell out of it, and if and when it starts to fail, swap it for a Remington 870 or a Mossberg.

Just one guy's experience,


08-29-2011, 10:19
Thanks for the candid reply Mas, not exactly music for my ears!! IŽll try the hell out of it and see if it works as expected.

HereŽs a Youtube video of one exactly like the one I purchased