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cocked and locked
08-29-2011, 01:46
i am i security guard for a wind farm. on duty i saw a black coyote. i have heard of them but i had never seen one in years of varmint hunting. does anyone know how common black coyotes are?

08-29-2011, 07:13
I know in all my 60 years of being and living in the woods and canyons of Oklahoma to W. Texas, I have only seen "One." He came under a tree stand i was in behind our house in Oklahoma panhandle chasing a rabbit with 2 other yotes of 'normal color'. I used to hunt yotes for bounty yeeeeeeeears ago up there, and have seen countless numbers of them all my life. One black one is it for me. He was a very hansome looking yote. I let him go. Besides, I was waiting on a very big buck I had staked out. ;)

I'll add ONE black panther to that list as well. Also on the ranch back home in Okla. About the size of a small cougar.

Now if I could just see big foot, just once ! :supergrin: