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08-30-2011, 10:53
I have questions about what is and isnt legal in regards to traveling with my handgun. I dont have a concealed carry permit, yet. With that in mind, how should I transport my pistol? I like to at least have it in my vehicle since I cant legally carry it on me yet, even though bad guys do and could care less about the, should I leave it in the glove box? With the mag in? or out? I never drive with one in the pipe...Should I separate the mag from the gun by putting one in the trunk and one in the front seat? Im under the impression that if I put the gun in the glovebox, or anywhere that it is hidden then it is considered concealed and is illegal...Ive read all the state laws regarding firearms, and I ended up more confused than when I started. Is open carry legal? The laws Ive read say no, but a local cop said it was...he completely confused me! PLEASE HELP!!! I know lots of gun owners who are just as confused as I am about this and some advice from somebody who ACTUALLY knows what the law is would be VERY HELPFUL AND VERY APPRECIATED!!! Thanks a ton!

08-30-2011, 15:18
Oklahoma Statutes Title 21-1289.7 is what to read.