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08-30-2011, 12:47
Ive been looking back in the pages to find an answer to my specific question. Looking for SD ammo for my G26. I know you like the 127+p+, but do you run it in your sub compacts? You stated in a thread that it is better for a fast bullet to travel a little slower than a slow bullet to travel a little slower (shorter barrels). You give a lot of praise to the Ranger T's in 127+p+ with 124+p goldots second, but what about the 124+p Ranger T's.

Basically, I am trying to apply your faster bullet a little slower theory to work here. Stick with 127's or 124's in the Ranger T line?

Thanks for your efforts, I know answering the same questions get a little old.

Mas Ayoob
08-30-2011, 14:18
Both the 124+P and the 127 +P+ were rated for 1250 fps from a service pistol, IIRC, so velocity drop with either should be the same.

I like the 127 simply because it has been out longer and established a spectacular record. I certainly would wake up with cold sweats if I was carrying 124 grain +P.