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09-03-2011, 08:40
There are lots of instances of good welders repairing cut receivers but has anyone done the same thing to drilled barrels. I know welding a cut barrel would be foolish but what about just welding the holes which some kits seem to have?

09-03-2011, 23:17
Unless you have access to X-Ray equipment, I would advise against it.
You're not holding back a couple of hundred PSI here, it's well in the THOUSANDS !
And the welding rod in most cases isn't the same alloy as the barrel is made of, so the weld/base metal junction is always going to be a weak spot.
And I'm not to be considered a "Couch Commando" on this one, I have proudly been a certified weldor in excess of 35 years.
Some of my certifications have involved the F.A.A. for aircraft, ASME pressure vessel, & AWS structural. Different process have included MIG, TIG & "stick".
A new barrel is cheap insurance here !

Be safe

uncle albert