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02-22-2003, 13:52
Can we have a "New.45Glock Caliber Club"? This way we could start channeling all the pros and cons into one place instead of over 3 or 4 Glock sections as we currently have.

Until this club becomes self sufficient with enthusiasts, we could for now move all related threads to this section for ease of searching and analysis. We all know that if Glock builds it, some folks will buy it.

After all, it looks like Glock is really going to launch this new caliber in their small and standard size pistol sizes. We might as well get organized about it ;)

Even though I'm a 357Sig fan, I'm still interested in getting through all the inital emotional highs and lows and learning the facts and capabilities of the .45 Glock caliber. Even David at stated that it's very possible to generate some excellent ammo with this new caliber.

I'm interested in reloading facts and the possibility of the pistol's flexibility. For example, it might be possible to develop, 357sig, .40, and 9mm barrels along with the standard .45G barrel. The frame might be able to support specific caliber magazines as well.

Big bullets are a plus. Big bullets with normal sized 10 round magazines is a plus. External ballistics similar to the classic .45ACP (up to 200 grains) is a plus. Having a stronger brass to house the cartridge is a definite plus, if the rumors are correct. Another rumor is that the .45G might actually have a lower working pressure than the .40, which would be a plus. Being able to shoot big bullets at a fairly quiet subsonic velocity is a plus. Having a .45G that is not a police round in other countries is a plus for those civilians. I've already heard rumors that at least one U.S. agency is interested in it, which is a plus. That people without huge hands could easily grasp the new .45G pistol is a plus.

We can also discuss the usual caliber wars of why in heck Glock has to come out with yet a new caliber in an already crowded market, searching for a solution when there wasn't even a problem. Or, why didn't they make what I wanted, etc ;)

So, we need to find out where to get brass and reloading data for the .45G, asap.

Will this site generate some action. Well let's see.

General Glock section: Behold the G37: 14,875 views and 18 pages as of this moment 02/22, and going strong. Also, Caliber section: Furor of G37, and Reloading section: Need .45G reloading facts.

Will this new caliber generate enough traffic to make it worthwhile? I think, "yes".;f

02-22-2003, 15:09
Thumbs down from me. I kinda hope the 45Glock falls flat on its arse. Don't know why, but it just seems like a waste to me. I love the 45ACP & 40 S&W. Like the 357 SIG, too, but don't shoot it as much as I thought I would.

45 Glock? Red-headed step child, IMO...


02-25-2003, 21:24
Well, I suppose we shouldn't call it the "Slim Dawg's Club", since the purpose is not to irk the 45ACP fans even more than they already are ;)

02-26-2003, 10:48
I guess the thing that irks me is when I filled out the GSSF survey, there wasn't anything about a new cartridge mentioned, but what new pistol was wanted.

IIRC, there was a hue & cry to downsize the 10mm way back when, and the .40 (insert derogatory term here) S&W was then created.

AFAIK, there has been no movement to downsize the 45 ACP. Heck, look how long it took the 45 Schofield to catch on ;g

If the 45 Glock catches on, great. Good on Gaston. I'm sure he has enough loyal followers to make it work.

I will wait and see.


02-28-2003, 20:35
So when can the new .45G Club start up? We're burning daylight here.;Q

Taking "constructive suggestions only please" for the club name and byline for the new .45 Glock caliber. Be nice now. Thanks.

My first suggestion:

The Slim-Line .45G Club
It's a fat, powerful cartridge, yet fits in small and medium size Glocks! Hey, nice grip. :cool:

03-11-2003, 11:16

The Slimline .45G Club

Home of the big, powerful, subsonic, low pressure .45 Glock Cartridge, that fits in STANDARD 9mm/.40 SIZED PISTOLS! And it uses beefed up .45+ brass to boot.:cool: