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09-07-2011, 22:22
Remington Police Magnum question here...

I just installed a Remington Tactical 2 Shot Extension in blued steel on my new 870p

Is that a good one?

is the spring that comes with the factory 2 shot ext from remington is that a good one?

here's what it looks like,

I am just worried about the spring and reliability

09-07-2011, 23:02
You should be fine with the factory spring. Especially on a pump.

In my experience its when you go longer then 3, or have a semi auto that you start running into problems, and need to step it up to the longer spring.

Just FYI on my 870 I'm running a +4 shot tube, same spring no problems.

09-07-2011, 23:07
thx, I was curious because the Police Magnum was supposed to have a extra power mag tube spring,
and I did not know if this spring was up to par.