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09-08-2011, 17:53
Howdy Chris,
Hope you can help. The local gun shop has a G17 and G19 (used Gen 2 pistols) with trigger guard mounted lasers. The wiring goes through the trigger guard up into the frame, where it parallels the trigger bar and drops back into the hollow in the handle behind the magazine where the battery pack is located. The shops certified armorer checked the pistols out and neither one has ever been shot ( I agree the guns have never received anything more than a test round out of them at the factory). The laser module has 4 mounting screws through the trigger guard and the holes for routing the power cables seem to be back filled with some kind of resin that bonded to the frame. Both pistols have no batteries in them so I am not sure if the lasers work.

I am curious if you know anything about the laser set up I mentioned. Who makes/made it and more importantly if this compromises the frame integrity.

Thank you for your time,

09-14-2011, 08:51
These sound like very early Crimson Trace designs. They dabled doing these before they came out with the grip lasers. We have one here at the shop for R&D purposes. It should not impact the frame however prior to buying I would put in fresh batteries and see if they work. CT went a different direction after doing those as it was to hard for the average Joe to install. Personally with the flood of Gen 4s coming on the market you should be able to find good buys on lightly used Glocks out there.

09-21-2011, 17:08
Thank you for the information regarding the frame mounted lasers. I decided to pass on them as I prefer the 3rd Gen ergonomics.