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09-09-2011, 18:20
I recently loaded some 40s&w and took it to the range to test fire them. when I got home and field stripped the gun I noticed that there was quite a bit of unburnt powder. What would be the biggest cause of this. I am using 5.2gr of WSF and 165gr plated flat point, OAL is 1.120. If you need anymore info I will try to get it. thank you

09-09-2011, 18:31
It's most likely from low pressure causing an incomplete burn. As you work your load higher in charge weight it will clean up.
If you want a light load you might want to switch to a faster powder like Universal.

09-10-2011, 00:32
That is a pretty soft load, medium burners like WSF & Unique like to run well above midrange for best combustion. If you want a low vel target load, then drop to a slightly faster powder like W231 or WST. If you want a cleaner load, bump it to 5.6-5.7gr. I run 6.1gr under the same bullet, makes about 950fps in a G32/SL bbl.