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09-13-2011, 13:59
Who has one? What do you think?

Love the .357 Blusterbuss

Zombie Steve
09-13-2011, 16:59
The L frame is one of my favorites, and I love my 686. The SSR just seems fugly to me. I like the more traditional lines on a wheel gun. YMMV.

10-05-2011, 08:00
Get a standard pre-lock 686. They're beautiful. The SSR is hideous, as are many of the new Smiths.

10-06-2011, 15:04
For the same price as the 686SSR, you can buy a 627 Pro - a 4" x8 .38/.357M revolver. Mine is a delight, but I don't 'compete' where 6 rounds are required. Here is my 627 Pro sporting some JM grips and a HiViz sight:

Also shown is my 2 5/8" PC627 UDR - the so called 'Blood Work' re-release. They run ~$100 over the 627 Pro price. Both are moonclip ready and will use the '5 Star Firearms' loading baseplate and speedloader, both nicely machined aluminum and can load .38's & .357M's. Just a thought.