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09-15-2011, 07:21

Now that WI has woke up and passed the CCW law we have taken a course and have been doing research and started training for the right to carry.

I have long been a fan of the FNH Five Seven. My wife is a small gal and she shoots the 5.7 very well and likes the way it handles. Strange considering she has small hands but she believes in it and hits what she shoots at. She had a real issue with 38 special in a S&W scandium frame revolver and was inconsistent that is why I suggested she try the 5.7. I tried smaller semi autos but racking the slide was problematic and she can rack the slide on the FNH with out trouble.

I also have one with a Viridian C5 mounted. I love it it is very accurate and although it may not be the cheapest to practice with I purchase 1000 rds at time and we shoot shoot shoot.

What do you think of the Five Seven as a SD round? I understand their is little if any data on the 5.7 as a SD round and what may be out there is not available to regular public. By the way the ammo we use is the Blue Tip FN ammo.

Mas Ayoob
09-15-2011, 07:34
Ramjet, you nailed my concern in your last paragraph. There have been few shootings whose results we can access with the 5.7...of those, there are fewer where we can get exact details on the ammo used...and there are stories of some departments trying them and being dissatisfied with the terminal results. Ballistics appear to be remarkably close to .22 Magnum.

I'd personally be inclined toward a compact striker-fired 9mm with easy running slide, but obviously, I'm not her. She's certainly better armed with a 5.7 that she keeps with her, than with a .45 that she leaves at home.


09-15-2011, 07:53
I kind of thought that way and I agree having something she will carry vs something she will be afraid to shoot is the issue right now.

Seeing I love to purchase and shoot guns we can continue our search she can practice withe 5.7 till then.

I appreciate the quick response.