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09-16-2011, 12:10
I recently purchased a glock 27 to add to my collection as an additional carry option. My wife didn't like the fact that it didn't have a safety so i ordered a trigger made by siderlock that had a safety built in to apease her. I changed the trigger exactally like the video said and I'm having some issues. When I put a full 9 round mag in and rack the slide the slide stays locked back as if the last round were fired. I try to pull the slide back and load a round and it wont work. If I have 8 rounda in the mag everything works normal. Has anyone else installed this trigger? I tried 3 different mags and they all gave me problems when they had 9 rounds in them. Can anyone help me please?

09-16-2011, 16:42
Check to see if the slide release spring is under the top pin.


09-16-2011, 18:30
Why not explain to your wife how the glock has 3 saftey's and not mess with the trigger.

09-17-2011, 07:49
Thank you that fixed it. I appreciate your help.

09-25-2011, 13:13
Educate the wife.
I've seen more Glock malfunctions that were caused by "improvements" than any other reason !

uncle albert

09-25-2011, 13:15
Is your wife a firearms expert? :yawn:

09-25-2011, 17:36
Please do yourself, and the wife a favor.

Study and learn the three safties on a GLOCK and how & why they work. Then, gently explain who they work with the GLOCK system.

She might then be impressed with you and your choice of firearms.