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09-17-2011, 15:18
Hi there, I would appreciate any help you can provide. I received this used C5L with no original kit or parts/paperwork. I cannot seem to fit it onto any of my standard rails on several of my guns which leads me to beleive it is not a universal rail adaptor.
Would someone with specific knowledge of this kit pls see the attached pic to verify if this one has the Universal rail adaptor installed for the standard 1913 pic rails or did mine come with one for some other specific model?
Also, will someone pls tell me what size allen wrench is used for the windage/elevation adjustments?
Lastly, where/how can I get a factory replacement kit for all the accessories that came with this light originally? All I really need is a universal rail adaptor and the tools for the rail replacement and elevation/windage adjustments...
I sent Viridian an email but hoping to get an answer/replacements sooner rather than later.
Thanks in advance!:wavey:

09-17-2011, 16:05
just found the manual on-line...Looks like I have the rail adaptor for the Springfield XD/XDm and S&W M&P aka R1 rail set and I need the R2 rail set.....anyone with a C5L wanna trade an R1 rail adaptor for an R2?

09-17-2011, 16:34
Call up Viridian, they have great customer service and I bet they'll hook you up.

09-17-2011, 16:39
Call up Viridian, they have great customer service and I bet they'll hook you up.

thanks, I'll call them first thing Monday morning when they are I don't totally embarrass myself (b/c I don't know much about the C5L), can anyone confirm for me that the rail adaptor that I have is in fact NOT the universal one? I can't seem to get it to fit on any of my pic standard rails but perhaps I'm not doing something right...:dunno:

09-19-2011, 21:04
The rail you have is for the sub-compact ultra short rails.
Just tell the Viridian CS rep what gun you want to mount it on and I bet they'll fix you up.