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09-17-2011, 22:24
Hello All,
First time poster here on Glock Talk.
I have a question for the collective minds here in the reloading area and thank you in advance.
I recently purchased a Glock 17, which I should add has been accurate and flawless through the first 1000+ rounds of various brands of factory ammo.
My issue is that I've begun reloading for range and training and, as is my usual procedure, I pull the barrel from the gun and drop the first 100 or so loaded rounds in the chamber to make sure all of them fit properly.
Out of the first 100 rounds 16 would not chamber fully. I measured them to find that they are .390-.391 at the pressure ring. All of the rounds that chamber are .388-.389. The brass I am using is various range pickups. Also, the cases that don't fit are various headstamps.
Depending on the manual I check I find that 9mm should be in the .391-.392 at the base of the case or pressure ring.
These rounds that do not chamber in the Glock will chamber in my Kahr PM9 and Ruger P85.
Also if I load these in a magazine they will fully chamber when the slide is racked but become stuck needing to be pushed out. I have not tried firing one of these that way as I'm not sure if it would cycle the slide or break the ejector claw off.
So, if you're still awake after my rambling, my query is do Glocks have a tighter chamber than some other brands?
Also, is there something I can change during the reloading process so that I won't have to check every round I load to make sure it fits in the Glock chamber?
All of my reloads fit my other 9mm guns.
Thanks again,

09-17-2011, 22:56
Glocks generally have a looser chamber than most... that being said. If your using Glock 9mm fired brass with normal reloading habits. You shouldn't have any issue.
Depending on the press ensure your FL sizing die is properly adjusted, that your crimp is in the .377-.379 range and most importantly that your OAL is appropriate for your guns chamber and chosen bullet profile.
All I load is 9mm, 2k a month, my brass get tossed in the same bucket whether from my Glocks or 9mm 1911's. I don't even case gauge my practice ammo that often anymore unless I see that the anti-tamper marks on my dies has broken. I only case gauge ammo for important matches.
What press, load data and bullet profile are you using?

Zombie Steve
09-17-2011, 23:28
You got some guppy belly brass? Any chance the 16 have the same headstamp?

Also - Boxer, you mentioned you only load 9mm and also mentioned your "1911's". I knew you were a filthy heathen. :whistling:

Zombie Steve
09-17-2011, 23:29
Oh yeah, Dean... welcome to GTR.

09-18-2011, 04:01
A little questionnaire...

Are you sure it's the base of the case that gets stuck? Do you have a case gauge (probably a good idea to buy one)?

How wide is the case at the mouth? How wide is it in the middle (at the base of the bullet)?

What is your bullet weight and OAL?

Will an empty resized case without a bullet fit in the chamber?

09-18-2011, 12:17
Thanks for the replies.
Apparently, the only headstamp I was having trouble with was the one on my shoulders.:faint:
I double checked and found that when I set up the tool head for the 9mm I must have had the shell plate turned slightly so that when I screwed the sizing die down it touched the high portion of the shell plate instead of down in the well where the shell is positioned causing the case to only be sized part of the way down and not all of the way.
All is good now.
Thanks again,

Zombie Steve
09-18-2011, 14:57
Good to hear. And wow! You've doubled your post count in less than 24 hours!

Zombie Steve
09-18-2011, 14:58

09-18-2011, 19:59
If I triple it is that a record worthy of a prize??:milestone: