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09-19-2011, 21:08
I noticed a few guns in the photo section with red-dot sights on them. I gravitate towards mechanical simplicity, especially with shotguns, and never considered red-dot for a shotgun. Having given it some thought, it seems like a good idea, perhaps. Any opinions on the matter? For the most part, I've had a preference for rifle sights or ghost rings over beads for HD/SD applications, as I find that a single bead doesn't offer enough precision for slugs and longer shots.

Any experience, observations and opinions comparing and contrasting dots and conventional sights would be appreciated. Thanks.

Angry Fist
09-19-2011, 21:13
I had one on my Mossberg 500, and it dropped slugs on the dot at 30 yards all day long.

Angry Fist
09-19-2011, 21:14
It was a cheapo that WM was selling a few years ago. I still have it.

09-20-2011, 18:32
Eotech style: Circle dot RULES for SG.

Was looking at a pretty solid Truglo this weekend...$100. May seriously have to try that!

09-20-2011, 19:56
I actually LOVE it- And I was in an odd position-

I have an M930SPX with Ghost Ring Sights, specifically about the best you can get- LPA Italy sights. I could not ask nor would want any other system on my shotgun. BUT- At Christmastime last year I took advantage of the sale and bought me two Aimpoint Micro R -1 Red dots. One was for my 5.56 AR, and the other for my .22 AR. I didn't realize I'd need mounts too (they COME with mounts damnit, lol, but yeah I needed AR mounts or 'risers' whatever).

I had bought the two R-1's, lot of dough . I mean great deal but still. And I had some Christmas money and I had also bought a Nikon ProStaff on sale for my 597, had bought a ton of ammos for all the portfolio, some other random accessories, etc. magazines, just spent a ton. Then used my last damn bit of cash at the time for a $75 plus crazy shipping like $100 - for Brownell's to send my the Daniel Defense Aimpoint Micro mount. They were the only one to have it, and because Midway's sale sold like thousands of Aimpoint Micros OVERNIGHT, the next thing to go was mounts- across ther country and across the internet, EVERY MOUNT was going like crazy, I was LUCKY to get a good one and I got away spending $100, people had to forced to buy like most expensive ones they didnt want etc and spend $250. Well I DID NOT HAVE the moeny to buy a mount for the 15-22 R-1, it was gonna wait. Months if necessary, it can sit there waiting in the box.

After about 10 minutes of 'waiting' I said, FCK THAT, I got this world famous Aimpoint, lets use it! Try it out on my BABY, the M930SPX. So I moved the rear ghost ring aperature accordingly, mounted that puppy onto my factory rail (the M930SPX comes with a rail which the ghost ring aperature and in my case the Aimpoint get mounted on, room for both no problem).

It probably will never come off--- ITS AMAZING. I mean, my accuracy is awesome, my target 'recognition/acquisition' is amazing. I had this put on right after I had put on the LimbSaver, and my shotgun went from awesome shotgun to absolutely awesome and devastating effective / damned lethal combat shotgun - both traditional role as a defensive weapon and definitely as an offensive weapon. I don't do a whole lot of slug shooting to be honest with you, but you of course gotta keep up your skills and hours AKA practice, and I stock a lot for the times you need em etc, So i'm not gonna claim to either BE A slug shootin expert nor rely on them a-lot. But all manner of shot-shooting shotgun shells I am QUITE Confident in the range. The Aimpoint lets you absolutely rock the silhouettes and with some practice you just get so quick and so pretty darned effective.

My indoor range I go to most of the time has the 7 yd line, 15 yd line, and 15 yd line and I try to use them all equally and of course a lot, shoot as much as I can. And I try to invent shooting practice 'drills' that I would think military/LEO ppl do and what will make me better, and the shotgun with the Aimpoint really increases how fast you can get that gun where it needs to be pointed- And that is from raising it up or swinging it sideways or even moving arouind a little then coming back to your target. The sight is GREAT!

I really have spent most of 2011 trying to find [and then would have to save, not been successful in either respect] the new red dot/reflex I'll have to buy for thre 15-22 cause the R-1 ain't coming off lol. Every time, maybr 4 times total?, I've actually hunkered down and removed the Aimpoint and said to myself, "you csan't afford $600 for an additoonal sight for the 15-22 - you must spend $65 for a mount and put it on the 15-22, and then use the darned Ghost Rings you absolutely loved and raved about so much that you of course, conveniently have on the shotgun alrleady!!" Well I don't get much time with the Aimpoint removed, it definitely gets mounted right back on there and I go back to looking at Reflex's and RMR's and googling EOTech prices.

And just to agree with the esteemed collegue who commented on the EOTech reticle rocks on the shotgun, I would certainly concur and imagine that. The EOTech reticle is probably the best CQB reticle there is and if Aimpoints especially Micros had that circle dot they'd just start bankrupting people. But the Micro is just so small, so rugged and so perfect atop the M930SPX I have, if I buy an EOTech (be it a largre 512 or smaller XPS ) or ewhat I've wanted for quite a while, a Trijicon Reflex (Would probably BUY the 1x42 sight, looks amazing, but could 'settle' for the smaller one that Trijicons website says is designed and sold to US Special Forces , I guess it's the reflex sight in the SOPMOD kit to be for if the operator wants to remove the ACOG and not use a M68 CCO (i.e. the Aimpoint M2/M3/M4) they get a Trijicon Reflex 1x24 little guy. I woud be cool with that but would prefer that big mofo 1x42 - Well Anyway if I get me an EOTech or Trijcon like I lust after, they're going on the 15-22 and I'll keep the R-1 on my M930SPX. its like getting married I would imagine, when you married guys meet the right one and do the deed you know its what you want forever? That's how I feel about my Baby M930SPX and Micro R-1 LOL :)

OK btw heres a few pics- I tried to give a wide variety of views- The one pic is an overview pic, the other is so you can see what I got going on mount wise. The other two I TRIED to show ya'll a nice sight picture, but listen up it's HARD, they ALL Came out blurry- i took 25 pics, and even slowed down to focus and stuff and still no great pics. But at least one of them you get a perfect cowitness- the one dot literally is on top of the red fiber optic tube. They're not perfect but they give u an idea what I got goin on.


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09-20-2011, 20:52
I really want a Burris shotgun sight bad, just cant come up with cash for a nwe project right now.

09-21-2011, 09:41
I have a quick detach 'Scout' mount set up on my Saiga.

Works nice...4 S&B slugs, 30 yards..

09-22-2011, 15:14
I have run an Aimpoint M2 and an Aimpoint T1 on my Benelli M4. I love the red dot on a shotgun concept. It is both fast and accurate. If you have the money, do it.

09-23-2011, 10:15
Thank you for all the replies and info. I'm going to try a dot on my 870 after reading all the compelling opinions here. I'm going cheap (free, actually) for initial evaluation, by stealing the Tasco PDP from my son's seldom used airsoft gun. It has rings that will go on my Weaver base on my 870. Assuming I like it, I'll upgrade; perhaps to an EoTech or Aimpoint.

Louisville Glocker
09-24-2011, 00:09
Just put an Eotech 512 on my Saiga 12. I haven't had the pleasure of taking it out yet (just mounted it a couple days ago), but I have a strong feeling it is going to be a wonderful experience. Picked it up for $355 new on Amazon. Pricey, but I don't like f-in around with crappy products. Rather pay once and get something good the first time.

I'll get some new pix up one of these days....this beast is really looking intimidating now. I know if I was looking down the barrel I'd be doing whatever I was told to do.

09-25-2011, 10:00
Remember - whatever your setup...

Lot's of CQB guys report using the Eo/Aim sight even with the reticule OFF indoors.

Think about it. Go see what the longest indoor shot you might make is....I can't really find more than 12 steps in my house.

My comment is that sturdy is the most important thing for whatever sight you use.

09-25-2011, 10:03
I have a quick detach 'Scout' mount set up on my Saiga.

My god that's ugly. However, style issues aside - if it works, it works! Apparently it does.

How did you mount that mount? Just put a side rail on the front stock???

09-25-2011, 11:53
My god that's ugly. However, style issues aside - if it works, it works! Apparently it does.

How did you mount that mount? Just put a side rail on the front stock???

Heavy as hell, yes. Ugly? I don't think so, but I also think GLOCK pistols are quite handsome. Basically yeah, I securely attached an AK side rail to a factory tactical fore end, back before there were really any forward mounts available for purchase.

It works quite well...irons can clearly be seen below the mount, and the mount comes off and goes on easily. Using the red dot, your head is high on the stock, and you still get a good chin weld. Both eyes open, and it points just as natural as you like. can see the rail in this pic..