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Click on the link below. I sure this is a good start.

09-24-2011, 10:35
Click on the link below. I sure this is a good start.

Why thank you Tango!

*Note - I did not include my clothing, and I stated my personal bias on the "top five" to me. I agree it's a lot of knives. I don't care!!!!

09-25-2011, 06:22
Your welcome Ace! I thought it is a good post to pass on.

09-25-2011, 09:14
I'll add - the key, IMO to a good "list" of stuff is not the specific items - but to consider the following issues:

Your environment - Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, and Minnesota are VERY different in terms of needs

Your desired length of use - 24 hours, 72 hours, a week, more etc. How you build depends on how long - and where!

I go with two is one in general, layers, and survival over comfort as general philosophies.

After that, the key categories (see the bug out bag sticky at the top).

Medicine/First Aid

Decide which of those is most important to you in your situation for your time selected. Nobodies bag is the same, and for a reason. Their bag won't be like yours, their list won't work for you.

You can tell communication is not very important to ME.
Water and knives are.
I go three deep minimum on water/fire/knife/meds/light

You can sort those categories in terms of your priorities, list the minimum you need, and go get that IMMEDIATELY.

And build from there. My bags are on a CONTINUAL update path. Example - their is a picture of some Sweet Baby Ray's Jerky in an older pic. Guess where that went - it got eaten during use! I don't even have any pics of my old Eureka Moab, or my original tin, or carry bag.

Environment, time frame, prioritize, then list & stock. In Minnesota, Shelter goes to #1 to me. In Arizona, Wtare is #1 and #2, and it's a way different need than my Florida Gather Water approach.

09-25-2011, 09:22
Also - along with that stuff - you don't see the car Bug out gear:

Two tents and heavy ground tarps
Five sleeping bags / pads
Complete gas kitchen set
Box of lanterns/lights
Week of food boxed
fishing gear/hunting gear

I keep a full set of camping for five ready to go at all times. Toss just my bags plus that - I'm good with a Family of five for a clean week of travel. If I can get food, a lot longer!

09-25-2011, 18:21
Heck man, I just posted my contents in a BOB thread "latest bug out bag" that is still on the first page.

basic bullet points

(e)nergy (food/water)

09-25-2011, 18:36
oh what the heck, its not like I am busy or anything.. Here is my bag.


2 canteens of water plus a full camel-back.
1 US coast guard style/coconut food brick (18 bars)
1 usgi metal cup
1 metal spork
2 can SPAM
1 filter straw


1 french half shelter (basically a triangle shaped canvas tarp)
1 50ft 550 para-cord , 1 folding pocket knife(emerson) , 1 med size fenix flashlight(#TA20)
1 USGI wool blanket 1 Gortex poncho 1 poncho liner
1 wool cap, 1 gloves, 1 neck-muffler 1 boots
3 bic lighters 1 plastic container with 30 cotton balls
1 box matches
1 field knife (RAT cutlery)


**Personal first aid kit


Defensive tool/weapon(s) of your choice


1 small surefire led & xtra batteries
1 vmax tomahawk
$200.00 small bills
1 cell phone
1 pack gum
3 24hr candles
1 10' roll of speed tape
1 fire steel

**first aid kit
10 3M #0086 large adhesive bandage
04 Spenco "second skin" moist burn pads (costly but well worth it)
01 Tube Foille Antiseptic gel
10 q-tips
02 Medicom triangular bandage40x 40x 56
02 Metal/Foam Finger Splint
10 Safety pins
10 Antiseptic wipes
02 3"x 72" ACE wrap
06 ACE clips
03 3"x 72" sterile gauze wrap
02 10' rolls of medical tape
01 safety scissors
10 small butterfly bandages
10 large butterfly bandages
04 8" x 10" Kendall abdominal pad
04 2.5"x 2.5" eye pads
04 3"x 3" sterile pads
01 #4 pressure bandage
20 med curad adhesive bandage
20 small curad adhesive bandage
10 Curad finger tip adhesive bandage
10 Curad knuckle adhesive bandage
04 Telfa 4"x 4" adhesive pads
04 3"x 5" non adherent pads
04 2"x 2" non ahderent pads
01 USAF Sewing Kit
01 8oz plastic solution bottle (stream nozzle)
01 Tweezer
01 Sam Splint
06 moleskin squares

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09-28-2011, 04:58
Here is my setup, maybe this will help you as well.

My EDC / GHB Maxpedition Magala

Contents: Glucose tablets for my wifes sugar.
Deet for the bugs
Trauma kit
My meds. Extra 30 day supply
Good quality first aid kit
T-Paper and wet wipes
Sunblock SPF 30
1 pair of extra underwear and socks
Whey Protein powder and energy bars
Pulsoc meter
Pens, marker, pads
Compass, GPS, and local Topo maps
Duel-band UHF w-t UHF radio
Multi-tool, Columbia River tanto knife, and wire cutters
Water-purifier tabs/filter
Signal mirror
Petroleum jelly soaked cotton balls
Magnifying glass (small one for fire making)
WD-40 lube pen and 1oz of Miltec oil
50 ft of cordage with carbiners
Solar blanket and 12'x12' plastic sheet
Metal magnesium match, bic lighter, magnifier glass with pyro gel.
LED flashlights (2) with extra batteries
One hundred dollars in small bills
Extra pre-paid cell phone with charger
3 spare mags for my Glock pistol

In a separate bag in my vehicle I keep an extra set of clothes, hiking shoes and bottled water. <!-- / message --><!-- BEGIN TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig --><!-- END TEMPLATE: ad_showthread_firstpost_sig --><!-- sig -->