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09-23-2011, 11:29
Hi all!

First time poster....

I checked the lasermax catalog, it says they have a model that will fit the G35, as well as other longer barreled versions of the glock.

A friend of mine is a gunsmith, and has a used Gen 3 G35. It is owned by a friend of his that stored it at his shop while he was over seas... My friend says he might be interested in selling it. The glock is in great shape, and has the barrel ported for better recoil.

I'm not sure if the Lasermax internal laser will work with the Gen 3's or not.
also the Lasermax's are like $300 after tax, is there another internal laser that is cheaper? ( I don't like the external add on ones, as the spoil the looks!)



10-05-2011, 11:58
Lasermax ix the only internal guide rod laser thats out there if you find another let me know so I can be educated as well and yes they work with gen 3