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09-25-2011, 15:12
Does anyone know when or if they are going to produce the lasermax internal in green laser.

Any info thanks,

John ( ( ( ( ( (

09-25-2011, 15:43
The technology might not be available yet. I think the green lasers use more energy, and might require more space. It might take a while before the green ones can be miniaturized to fit the recoil guide rod. I would assume they would already do it if it was possible or cost effective. This is a total assumption, though. And you know what they say about assuming. BTW, Roll Tide!!!

09-25-2011, 16:17
green lasers use more battery and the batteries for lasermax rod guide laser are pricy

09-25-2011, 17:16
batteries for my red internal lasermax aren't too expensive. i bought 50 of them off ebay. granted, they don't last as long as lasermaxs, but for $5 for 50 batteries, I'll deal with the shortened life span. I turn it on every time I start my shift to make sure it works. In fact, just today I saw that I left it on from last night, so it's dead. I turned the laser on last night on a guy with a gun, he gave up pretty fast. I forgot to turn it off when I reholstered, so it's dead now.

Time to go change the batteries. This is the first time I changed them this year.

I know Lasermax makes a small green one that goes on the rails, it's pretty small. I had one when they first came out, but battery life wasn't too good. I think they just came out with a rechargeable one that is pretty small. I'll probably pick one up for my rifle.

09-25-2011, 17:37
I have limited knowledge of lasers but I can give it a shot.

Ok ... for starters there is no such thing as a 'green laser' they are merely red lasers that are reduced in frequency to emit only green light. That reducing of frequency builds up a lot of heat (since the reduced energy has to go somewhere as it is not being converted to light).

Heat is the #1 killer of laser diodes and an internal laser next to a hot barrel would definitely add to the heat displacement issues already plaguing green laser builds. Until a new way to displace the heat away from the diode is achieved then really I don't foresee a reliable internal laser anytime soon.


09-26-2011, 14:18
<---still wondering how my bright-as-hell green laser pen works. I haven't taken it apart, but it seems the internals of that pen would fit in the space of a guide rod. I'm about to cram the damn thing in a gun myself. There's a lot of money to be made by the first person to do it. Heck, I'm in for two 1911s and a 226.